The presents terms and conditions regulate the access and use of the web page Referred to from now on as the web page such as the services and products offered by MADLULA on the web page.

MADLULA offers this web page subject to the present terms and conditions visiting the web page and using the services and applications of the web page, the user accepts these terms and conditions.

For access to the web page the register of users will not be required. However in order to contract some of the services offered by MADLULA the register of users and the acceptance of these conditions will be required before formalising the payment.

Through the web page, MADLULA offers the users textiles and accessories from the brand mark MADLULA.

The present terms and conditions of MADLULA described here defined the rights and obligations of MADLULA and the users in the framework of the web page. These are the only terms and conditions applicable in the use of the web page (with no prejudice that for some determined services particular conditions may exist) and the contract of orders through the web page and substitute whichever other conditions, except for written previous agreement between MADLULA and the user.


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In order to be able to acquire the products offer through the web site it will be necessary that the user registers through the inscription form available on the web page. The user will be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the information given and for restricting the access to the computer and for the key words to avoid possible unauthorised use. In the case that the user has motives to believe that their information has been given to a third party, or if it has been used in an unauthorised way, or may be susceptible to this, this situation must be immediately communicated to MADLULA.

The user must check that the information is correct and complete and inform MADLULA when there is any variation or/and modifications in the information that they have given in the process of purchase.


The services and products offered on the MADLULA web page are destined for the purchase by the users of the textiles and accessories of the MADLULA brand mark. In order to contract an order from MADLULA, the user must be over 18 years old.

From the web page, MADLULA will put into effect the shipment of the orders in Spain.

To put into effect the orders through the web page, the user must facilitate a series of data with the character before the contract, by means of the purchase form, it will be necessary in order to make the purchase order.


Once the information form is completed, the user must proceed to the payment of the order, in which a summary of the acquired articles, the mood of shipping asked for and the address will be included.

If at the moment of making the payment any incident that may impede the making of the payment occurs, the user will receive an automatic message of the error in payment and the order will not continue until the form of purchase is completed successfully.

The prices and services are expressed in euros (€), including the taxes and shipping costs, whose quantity will be indicated at the moment of the final confirmation of each order.

All of the prices shown are the final prices, the value added tax (VAT) being included, without affecting the user having at all times the itemised information of the price of the product.

MADLULA may periodically offer discount codes to the users. These discounts may only be applied in accordance to the instructions specified by MADLULA in respect to each code, and in any case the users will only be able to use a unique code for each order.

The use of the discount code will not be compatible with determined promotional acts and collections.



MADLULA is the owner of the articles on offer on (from now on “MADLULA”) and is responsible for all of the services offered on this web page.


The client who makes a purchase on MADLULA accepts the present sells conditions in their totality. All those persons who are adults, with the sufficient capacity to make a contract may access our services, promotions and make purchases.

The information with which the client registers must be truthful and integral. MADLULA reserve the right not to admit or to unsubscribe those clients who fail in these requirements.


The users must correctly fill in the order forms on MADLULA in order to be able to make a purchase. All of the prices, including the product and the shipping services include the VAT, except in the case of legal demands when the price must be presented in a different way.

Accepting the present conditions implies a conformity with the product, its characteristics and price.

All of the orders required the acceptance of the price and characteristics of the products detailed in the sales form.

In the case of unavailable products, MADLULA is committed to advising the client as soon as possible, cancelling the shipping and refunding the amount of the order to the client.

Before the consumer and user is bound by any contract by distance or celebrated outside the establishment or whichever corresponding offer, MADLULA will facilitate in a clear and comprehensible way, when needed, the necessary information about the existence of post sales assistance to the consumer and user, post sales services and commercial guaranties, such as the conditions.


MADLULA will make sure that the products will be shown and described to the best possible similarity to the reality. It may occur that the package of the article that is received does not coincide with that shown on the product file. As there may be production runs that have different packaging, MADLULA can not commit itself to provide that which is specifically photographed.

Due to the digitalisation of the image, the technology of the visualisation or other technical reasons, small variations of colour and of other types in the products may occur. MADLULA will not be held be responsible for these variations and differences.

If there were any error or omission in the presentation and it were not due to the responsibility and or will of MADLULA, any reclamation may be declined.


All of the orders must be paid by bank card (visa, MasterCard, etc), PayPal or bank order.

Under no circumstances will MADLULA keep the bank card information nor the bank account numbers of the users in the archives. Using such information or instruments of payments by third parties is not permitted.


The order will only be sent when the article is available.

The sending of the order will start as from the day of receiving the order.


MADLULA uses all the means to guarantee the confidentiality and security of the information given through the web and the webpage, and likewise, the payment platform uses the security protocol SSL (SECURE SOCKET LAYER).


MADLULA can send product to peninsula Spain and the Islands.

As soon as the purchasing process is finalised the postage of the product by the means that MADLULA has the disposition of the user will be put into action.

The postage costs are on the account of the client. Our postage rates can be consulted in the different companies that are placed at your disposition.

The orders received during the sales or promotion seasons may suffer a slight delay in the delivery.

Under no circumstances will MADLULA hold itself responsible for the costs caused by customs nor for any possible retentions by them.

Furthermore, the client will be responsible verify at the moment of delivery that the order is undamaged. In this way, if the package is found opened or if from the appearance of the package any doubts or suspicions about the inviolability of the product arise, the client should not accept it, immediately notified MADLULA through the contact form.

Equally, if once opened and the product revised and the client detects any irregularity, this must be communicated to the seller in a period maximum of 48 hours form the reception of the package.

Exceptional situations that impede the fulfilment of the delivery dates may occur, like promotional seasons, set backs with the message services system updates or other unforeseen circumstances. However, MADLULA is committed to advising the client in any case when the aforesaid happens.

If on delivery, there is an absence of the address or the package can not be delivered, our message service will make contact with the client in order to find an alternative solution of the delivery. If the recommended alternative solution of the delivery has been put in action, and the package can still not be delivered on repeated occasions, it will be returned to our installations and once received the refund of the product or products acquired will be put into action.



All articles purchased from MADLULA through our web page can be returned within a maximum period of 14 natural days as from the date of reception of the product.


In order that the return can be accepted by MADLULA the following requisites must be followed.

The product must be returned in perfect conditions, and it must only have been used in the mere proving of its good conditions.

The product must not have suffered any damaged caused by inadequate use.

The product must be in the same conditions as when delivered: maintaining its original packaging, likewise the initial contents (stickers and/or other elements it may contain).

The conservation of the original packaging. This forms part of the price of the product. Consequently, in the case that the product is not returned in its original package (maintaining the stickers and or other elements that its may contain), the goods will suffer devaluation.

In the case that any of the requisites described above are not followed, we will understand that the product has suffered devaluation for the following concepts.

Postal package: 5€

Any other element that the package contains: 3€ (stickers, protective case, etc)

The orders that have been obtained from a promotion or as a gift, must be returned integrally in order to receive the refund.


We do not make changes for size or colour, so if you want to change one article for another you have to send it back and make a new purchase of the desire article. Once the returned article is received, we will put into effect the refund of the sum through the same method of payment.


Please remember that in the case of gifts, the refund will be made in favour of the credit card that was used to pay for the goods.


In order to return a product, you have to send an email to indicating the motive for the return together with the order number and the email that you made the purchase with.

It is essential that the package includes everything mentioned. Put the product to be returned and a package that you have in a bag.

The return address must be shown on the package, in such a way that it is easily visible.

Please send the package by any postal service that you consider convenient. Postal costs will be paid by the client.

We recommend that you keep proof of the postage.


Once the article is received and the refund has been approved of and authorised, you will receive an email confirming and indicating the cost of the product or products to be refunded, which will be paid by the same means of payment previously used. The original postal costs will not be refunded. The refund will be seen in your account in a period of approximately 7 to 15 working days as from the moment that you have received the email confirming the refund and depending on the conditions of each bank.


Madlula is committed to delivering your order as soon as possible to the selected delivery service. However, MADLULA will not be held responsible for: any damage resulting from bad transporting, above all for reasons such as industrial actions, traffic congestion and in general any other motive typical of the sector that results in delays, losses or thefts of the chosen product. Neither for technical faults that for accidental causes or any other type, might impede the normal functioning of the service through internet. Neither for the unavailability of the site for reasons of maintenance or others that doesn’t allow the user to access the service. MADLULA will use all the means available to offer the process of selection, payment and shipping of the desired product. MADLULA declines any responsibility for causes by third parties, fortuitous circumstances and situations beyond our control.


All of the information contained in the web, including the graphic design and the codes used are protected by the authors rights and other rights of protection under the Real Decreto Legislativo 1/1996, of the 12 of April, in which the Texto Refundido de la Ley de Propiedad Intelectual (Revised Text of the Law of Intellectual Property) is stated.


You can contact MADLULA through ‘contact us’ or by social media.


The brand, logo types and anagrams shown on this site are property of MADLULA. The use of any element of the web that is object to the protection according to the actual legislation relative to industrial property, without previous permission is strictly prohibited. Specially the brand, commercial names, company signs, brand name, logo types, slogans, photographic material or any other distinctive sign that belongs to MADLULA can not be used without the written permission from MADLULA.


MADLULA reserves the right to take the corresponding legal action against any user that violates or infringes the rights of intellectual and industrial property.