Welcome to the MADLULA family!

MADLULA was born as a Blog in 2013 from the experiences and dreams that Lara Vázquez, its founder and creative director has had with fashion. Inspired by classy and casual fusion on classic cut garment offers a comfy style which can be combined to create casual and classy looks; because classics never fail.

MADLULA  garments exude the classic and modern aesthetic, focusing on self-assurance, positivity and the ability to artistically express one's self through the use of straight cut designs. The future is female, empathic and strong.


MADLULA is the collection that people need with all the basic pieces to form a solid closet foundation, all while proving distinctive touch to your personal style.

MADLULA has been crafted for the most wild independent, and transgressive spirits. Each piece has been carefully designed for a daily comfy, yet classy attire.

With love,