What are cookies.

Desk version of this web site uses cookies; its mobile version dos not use them. Cookies are files created on the user browser to search its activity on the website and allowing for a fluent and personalised navigation.

Cookies are not computer virus. It does nor damage your computer neither slow down its working. Can remove them at any time, or reject them configuring the program navigation which you are using.

Might receive two types of cookies when you are visiting our web site:

Third parties cookies.

At some page of the web site is shown soaked or invoked content through might be installing cookies from third parties. When we include those contents on our web site we are ensure that the only purpose of those cookies will be technique. Third parties who provide contents can decide to change the end of these cookies, so we will check these pages each some time. If you want to make us some questions about cookies which are installed through this website, contact us.

These cookies are installed in your computer by Google Analytics service. These are statistics cookies which allows us knowing useful data to improve our web site, as, for example, quantity of visits that we had received or the most traffic fluency hours.

Social Networks.

Other sites where MadLula has page or social profile are installed third parties cookies to all its visitors, although they are not signed users on the related platforms: Privacy’s page as TWITTER, FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM.

How to remove cookies.

To use this web site you do not need installing cookies. The user can not accept them or configure its browser to block them and, in its case, remove them. Learn to manage your cookies in Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera and Safari.

Otherwise, we understand we have your consent to its installation.

Own cookies, generated to our server.

These cookies have different functions:

1. Authenticated cookies: These are used to recognised signed users who had ‘logged’ at a web site. These are the cookies which allow you to enter to the restricted area sections on the web, in the case you have given access keys for that.

If you reject its installation or remove them, your access keys won’t work properly.

2. Personalisation interface Cookies: We use them to facilitate your navigation. Those are which allow to remember the size of the writing configuring automatically during your visit our web to your preferences.

If you reject its installation or remove them, the navigation through our web site wont be so simple.

If you have any doubts about our cookies policy, please contact us by the following address: info@madlula.com